AKD assists shareholders of De Hoge Dennen Capital with a second financing round in Plantlab Groep BV

February 25, 2022

AKD has assisted the shareholders of De Hoge Dennen Capital with a second funding round in Plantlab Groep BV, which saw a new investment partner joining up.

About De Hoge Dennen Capital
De Hoge Dennen Capital is the investment firm of the De Rijcke family. De Hoge Dennen Capital invests in Dutch mid-market companies, family-run and otherwise, that differentiate themselves through ambitious management teams and strong growth perspectives.

About Plantlab Groep BV
Plantlab grows vegetables in conditioned climate-controlled rooms without daylight. Over the past ten years, Plantlab has has developed a breakthrough technology for innovative urban farming. This patented technology is already being applied at its 15,000 m2 commercial production site in Amsterdam. The group also has production sites in Indianapolis (USA) and the Bahamas.

Plantlab's technology makes it possible to grow fresh, healthy, and delicious vegetables all over the world, including such crops as tomatoes and cucumbers and herbs like basil and mint. This can be done even on barren soil or in urban areas. Thanks to optimised temperature, moisture and light regulation, the crops can reach their full potential with a 95% reduction in the amount of water needed and zero use of chemical crop control agents. The light is provided by specially developed LEDs, which generate the specific wavelength needed by the plants for photosynthesis. As the production sites can be situated near client companies and consumers, the crops no longer have to be transported over long distances, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions, costs, and food waste.

Headed by Nathalie van Woerkom, the AKD team consisted of Valéry Schaap and Sjoerd Waagmeester. 

The full press release can be found here.

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