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AKD's notarial section for corporate law specialises in corporate law and the law of legal entities. Some aspects of this are share transfers, mergers, the formation of legal entities and amendments to their articles of association, company takeovers and reorganisations, and divisions.

Notarial section for property law
If you are dealing with matters of property in the Netherlands, you will nearly always require the services of a (junior) civil-law notary. The AKD civil-law notaries for property specialise in all legal aspects directly or indirectly relating to property. Our (junior) civil-law notaries provide you with effective assistance and counselling in all your property-related matters.

Notarial section for the law of persons and family law
Our civil-law notaries specialising in the law of persons and family law handle all frequently occurring matters concerning family law and the laws of succession. Examples are estate planning, drafting and amending prenuptial agreements, cohabitation contracts and wills, and the appointment of guardians.

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