Knowing all the pressure points and soft spots

Our profound knowledge of civil procedural law and Supreme Court litigation expertise enables us to swiftly go to the essence of a ruling, working closely with the principal, often on behalf of the lawyer who handled the case before the lower courts. After all, this lawyer tends to be fully acquainted with the finest details of the case and know all the pressure points and soft spots.

The odds of winning a case before the Supreme Court

Before filing an appeal to the Supreme Court, parties should seek advice on the odds of the appeal being successful. AKD's Supreme Court litigators are eminently capable of providing such advice, paying attention to such issues as costs and risks and expressing expectations about the outcome of the case if handled by another court, following a setting-aside or any referral by the Supreme Court. AKD also offers second opinions, after other Supreme Court lawyers have recommended against appealing.

The odds of the appeal

Appellate procedural law plays a prominent role in Supreme Court litigation. That is why our experts regularly look over the shoulders of their colleagues when the case is before the Court of Appeal, to analyse and enhance the chances of the Supreme Court appeal being successful. In addition, we provide assistance when cases are referred back and when reasons need to be formulated in support of a motion for an interim appeal to the Supreme Court.

Questions for preliminary rulings

Lower courts have the option of referring to the Supreme Court questions of law for a preliminary ruling. This is a procedure in its own right, with its own dynamics and focus points. How to make lower court judges aware of the necessity to refer such questions to the Supreme Court? How to respond to the formulation of proposed questions? How will the Supreme Court preliminary ruling affect my submissions and chances of success? These are issues we will gladly address and contribute ideas to as we provide assistance before, during and after the Supreme Court proceedings.

Expertise and collaboration

Our lawyers have specific expertise in the area of liability arising from unlawful acts, such as government liability, professional liability, D&O liability and fundamental rights. Their expertise also encompasses special agreements such as custody, engagement and contracting. AKD's expertise covers the full gamut of law, ranging from expropriation law to private law in relation to the public sector, from procurement law to contracting, from employment law to rental law, from construction law to financial law and intellectual property law. Offering a full-service approach, AKD can offer you all the expertise you need. And more.

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