Marjolein Dieperink appointed endowed professor of ‘Climate Change and Energy Transition’

January 11, 2022 | News

Marjolein Dieperink, partner and lawyer at AKD Benelux Lawyers, has been appointed endowed professor as of 1 January in the chair ‘Climate Change and Energy Transition’ at the law faculty of VU University Amsterdam.

The chair focuses on the legal framework for projects required for a carbon-neutral society. These projects need private investment within public frameworks. The recurrent theme running through the research and teaching relating to the chair is therefore the balance to be struck between public interests such as sustainability and security of supply, and private interests such as investment security and reasonable lead times. This balance must be reflected in legally secure, efficient and future-proof legislation.

Research lines

Dieperink's chair comprises several lines of research. One of them is to identify the overarching themes and principles of climate and energy legislation. For example, in terms of public-private partnerships, a level playing field for market parties and financial participation. A second line of research focuses on streamlining and accelerating government decision-making on climate and energy projects. For instance, by better coordinating the distribution procedures for the limited licences, subsidies and network capacity. 

Social urgency

The chair was endowed by AKD. By establishing the chair, AKD and the VU address the social urgency of climate change and energy transition and aim to contribute, through education and research, to making society carbon neutral. The chair will be established at the VU Centre for Public Contract Law & Governance.

Marjolein Dieperink studied law at Utrecht University. She has been a lawyer since 2001. Between 2006 and 2010, Dieperink also conducted research on tradable development rights, for which she obtained her PhD (cum laude) from VU University Amsterdam in 2010. For her dissertation, she researched the operation of tradable development rights in the United States.

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