Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

AKD's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is committed to equality, diversity and creating a more inclusive place of work. Our aim is to create and foster an inclusive and diverse workplace. To achieve this aim, we organise a range of activities, all centred around the themes of gender, culture, people with physical disabilities and LGBTQIA+, and focusing on colleagues, clients and the labour market.


AKD has joined nearly 100 leading companies and 35 other law firms in subscribing to the Equal in Legal Diversity & Inclusion Statement. By signing this statement, we declared that: we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion at our workplace, we believe that diversity and inclusion make for a more successful working environment, and we will share our diversity and inclusion experiences and initiatives.

AKD is also a friend of the FORWARD Foundation, whose mission is to promote the acceptance, validation and visibility of LGBTQ+ within the Dutch legal profession. The connection with FORWARD offers us the opportunity to participate in the rich network that FORWARD offers.

Inclusive recruitment and diverse teams

AKD is keen to contribute to a labour market that is genuinely inclusive. Diversity and equality in recruitment and selection does not stop at culture or gender. At AKD, we think it is equally important for people with occupational disabilities to have better access to the labour market. It is for this very reason that AKD has partnered up with Stichting Studeren & Werken Op Maat.

Our role in equality and non-discrimination

We are a proud partner of not-for-profit organisation JINC. As part of our collaboration with JINC, we will help young people from socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods to a good start in the labour market. Our colleagues contribute their knowledge and expertise to various JINC projects, doing their part in working for a society in which your background does not determine your future.